LagunaTunes continues to bring joy to the stage with music from The Beatles on Sunday


For over 15 years, LagunaTunes chorus has delighted audiences with spirited concerts such as “Swinging with Santa,” “Countdown to Motown,” and “Christmas Letters.”

On Sunday, June 23, come together and experience another spectacular performance as LagunaTunes Community Chorus presents “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!” with special guest star Jason Feddy. Feddy, a transplanted Brit and Laguna Beach Arts Alliance Artist of the Year, is well-known for his captivating Beatles programs, witty asides, and audience participation.

The show begins at 4 p.m. at Artists’ Theatre at Laguna Beach High School, and it’s free. Where can one attend anything free, much less a fun-filled evening of great entertainment?

LagunaTunes Chorus (Laguna’s own all-community, no-audition vocal group) celebrates the TV appearance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in

1964. The program includes high-energy hits that compel audience members to dance, smile, and sing along. Also included are a few poignant ballads and unforgettable melodies. 

LagunaTunes Director Bob Gunn also directs the St. Mary’s choir and Men Alive (the Orange County’s Gay Men’s Chorus). His Men Alive concerts have brought audiences to their feet all over southern California, across the U.S., and in Europe.

LagunaTunes continues group

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Come join in the fun at LBHS on Sunday

Founded in 2003 by Pat Kollenda, Roxanna Ward, and Alicia Morrice as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community chorus, the group was a place where one could come, sing, and be joyful. Ward and Christin Cornell were the first directors. 

Kollenda says, “We started with 12 members and only one guy. We rehearsed at Neighborhood Congregational Church and St. Mary’s Church, and then we were able to rehearse at Thurston Middle School because Roxanna taught a course there. Then as we grew in size, we went from performing at the churches to the high school.”

Although I’ve enjoyed Kollenda’s performances at No Square Theatre, I was unaware of her extensive background in music and singing. To name only a few of her accomplishments – she’s been director of Women’s Chorus, Harbor Singers, and a women’s barbershop group. But most surprising to learn was that she was part of quartet that traveled to Vietnam in 1972 with the USO. 

However, singing ability is not a requirement of joining LagunaTunes. New members are encouraged to become part of the group without the daunting fear of an audition. 

“All you have to do is show up,” Kollenda says.

LagunaTunes continues Feddy

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Special appearance by Jason Feddy

By all descriptions, it’s a friendly and inclusive group, and singers of all training and experience levels are welcome. Some members read music, some do not, age levels cover a broad range, and all are united by a love of music. Emphasis is on fun, learning, improving performance skills, and the joy of group singing. After a few weeks of rehearsal, new members are typically surprised at how well they can sing. The group practices on Monday nights from 7 until 9 p.m. at Thurston. Two or three Saturday practices are also held in preparation for the concert.

Accolades for LagunaTunes include comments such as, “The community chorus, ably directed by the inspiring Bob Gunn, is a local treasure,” and 

“Succinctly put, LagunaTunes concerts are short, sweet, free, and fun, and truly the voice(s) of the community.”

So don’t miss the opportunity to reminisce to the music of The Beatles on Sunday and experience the voice(s) of Laguna.

LagunaTunes Chorus also presents another concert in December, with fall rehearsals starting September 16.

LagunaTunes is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides choral singing to everyone and presents two free concerts per year. Funding is provided by the Festival of Arts Foundation and The Lodging Establishments and City of Laguna Beach. 

The Artists’ Theatre at LBHS is located at 625 Park Ave

For more information, go to or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..