Lost pup Portia homeward bound after brief “Staycation” at The Ranch at Laguna Beach

The Ranch at Laguna Beach is known for its fantastic golf course, delicious food, and lush rooms, but now they are also known as a canine rescue. On Wednesday, The Ranch at Laguna Beach found a wayward puppy on the property grounds and reunited her with her owner. The pup, Portia, had been missing for 19 days and was last seen at Bluebird Canyon and Coast Highway. She is now back with her owner and in good spirits after a happy reunion at The Ranch. 

Last week, the team at The Ranch LB noticed a wayward puppy wandering the property grounds. The team collectively worked together and tried to catch the pup, but she kept disappearing.

On Wednesday morning, Ramiro, a member of The Ranch LB team, spotted the dog snoozing on the outdoor sofas of the Treehouse, which is coincidentally the property’s top luxury accommodation. As Ranch at Laguna Beach General Manager Kurt Bjorkman put it, “We knew right away she was our kind of dog.” 

Lost pup RanchLB

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Wayward pup Portia with The Ranch LB team 

Ramiro cautiously approached her with water and some bacon from the property’s outdoor café, Ben’s Pantry. The pup, thankfully not a vegetarian, quickly devoured the breakfast treat. She was a bit emaciated but in good spirits, so The Ranch LB immediately set out in search of her owner. A helpful Ranch LB staffer found a article about a beloved long-lost dog named Portia. They knew immediately they had found her!

Portia had been missing since June 1. The Ranch LB called her owner, who raced down to the property to pick her up. A crowd of Ranch team members gathered to witness the happy reunion, as Aliso Canyon echoed with Portia’s yips of joy.

With tears in everyone’s eyes, Portia said goodbye with friendly licks for each staffer, and went happily home.

Portia is one lucky dog with, no doubt, many a tale to tell about her adventures.