City puts finishing touches on permanent roundabout project today 

The new permanent roundabout at Catalina and El Camino del Mar will be completed today. City staff completed the design of the permanent roundabout in 2018 and has completed the construction of the project this week (the striping will be finished today). 

As part of the approval of the 2017 mid-year budget, City Council allocated $300,000 (project cost) to convert the temporary roundabout, which was installed in 2015, to a permanent one. 

City puts roundabout

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Photo by Judy Barry

Roundabout at Catalina and El Camino del Mar

Assistant City Manager and Director of Public Works Shohreh Dupuis says,

“Savings in the project budget due to a creative solution to install a solar powered irrigation timing system rather than spending money to trench in an electrical line, enabled us to add landscaping this week that is in line with the previously approved design review plan that was cutback due to funding.”