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Thank you Pageant of the Masters

Our big thanks go to Sharbie Higuchi and the Board of the Festival of Arts for providing a wonderful evening at the world-famous Pageant of the Masters for a hundred veterans and their support staff on Monday, July 8th. This year the Laguna Beach American Legion Post invited military veterans from the Long Beach, Loma Linda, and San Diego Veterans’ Hospitals and from the Barstow Veterans’ Home to attend the famous Pageant of the Masters. Our fellow veterans never fail to be amazed and appreciative of this special Laguna Beach hospitality. Thanks so much.

Richard Moore, Vice Commander American Legion Post 222

Laguna Beach

Who is Steve Dicterow?

Meeting after meeting, Steve Dicterow has spoken of kindness and has spoken out against bullies. He shows up for photo-ops featuring sad stories about children who have been bullied.

Now he seems to be the sidekick for the worst bully Laguna has ever seen, in my opinion.

At the last council meeting Peter Blake called the Temple Hill neighbors “liars.” Steve’s response appeared to be just to cozy up to Peter, whispering during public testimony.

What happened to “Mr. Kindness”? It seems he’s running for re-election next year. Will he do anything to get Peter’s personal endorsement? 

What about a developer-led PAC endorsement, and the money that comes with that? What will he do for that?

Who is Steve Dicterow?

Lorna Shaw

Laguna Beach

City Council transparency issues

I attended the City Council (CC) meeting that lasted until 1:10 a.m. on July 9. While I’m certain it was tiring for the CC members, who had been meeting since 5 p.m., imagine what it is like for those local residents who have out of town corporate jobs that start at 8 a.m.? Or, how about for residents who have children? Are CC meetings meant only for those who work in town at late starting jobs or are retired and can sleep in the next day?

There is a troubling pattern with City Council meeting agendas in which the topics of the most interest to residents are scheduled for the last two or three slots on the agenda. It makes one suspicious that the CC or City Manager want to discourage public comment. Why else would topics like the new design review board (DRB) rules, Temple Terrace public pathways, and Laguna Beach Company’s six new hotel and housing developments be regulated to items #16, #18, and #19 after such “high interest” topics as a temporary public art installment, weed abatement, recycling, and the replacement of a beach patrol vehicle? 

The scheduling shenanigans have been happening for years. I recall a CC meeting about skateboarding a few years ago when the school kids who were planning to speak had to wait until 10:30 p.m. before this agenda item was scheduled. It didn’t seem as if the City staff or CC cared much about the children’s school schedules.

There is a remedy to this scheduling issue – alternate high interest resident topics with the city housekeeping ones, and schedule them earlier on the agenda. Otherwise, it will continue to look as if the City Manager and CC are more interested in excluding resident participation, and keeping decisions that impact the local voters opaque, rather than transparent. Transparency and inclusiveness should be the objective of all city government.

Deborah Weiss

Laguna Beach

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